Is this charging station open to anyone?

Yes, this is open to public. Anyone can book this online.

Can I charge any EV at this station?

Yes. This charging cable has a standard SAE J1772 Connector. For Tesla, you will need your Charge port adapter.

How long does this take to charge my vehicle?

This is a Level 2 48amp Charging Station.

Typically hybrid EV cars can be charged in 3 -4 hours. EV may take (8 - 10 hours) to charge fully. 


How many charging stations do you have?

We have 1 charging station currently. But we are planning to expand to more stations if there is a need or request from customers. 

What are the specifications of this charger?

This is a 48amp Level 2 Charger

Power input 200–240V ~ 60A, 50/60Hz, 1φ

I paid $16.00 when I booked online for 1 charge, but I charged my car for less than 10 minutes for 1 kwh. How do I get a refund?

If you charged only 1 kwh with your one time use bar code, and you paid $16.00 at the time of booking, you will only be charged the $1.00 booking fee + $0.34 kwh for a total of $1.34. All other amounts will be refunded wthin 24 hours of charging (Please allow upto two working days to reflect in your statement)

Is this a super charging station that can charge my car in 30 minutes?

No this is not a Level 3 DC Super Charger. This is a Level 2 48amp Charging Station.